The Stellar Evolution Code

The Dartmouth Stellar Evolution Program (DSEP) is a state of the art stellar evolution code and has been featured in several publications. Some of the sources of the input physics used by DSEP are listed on the Related Links page.

A selection of published papers relating to DSEP (most recent first):

Isochrones and Stellar Evolution Tracks

The isochrones and stellar evolution tracks are tabulated in several photometric systems (see next section for more details).

Isochrones are tabulated on the following age grid:

Isochrones with ages below 1 Gyr includes He-burning evolution, including the pre-TP AGB phase, for some ages (the range of ages varies with composition).

Stellar evolution tracks are provided for masses ranging from 0.1 - 4 Msun in most cases with the following mass intervals:

For most compositions, separate HB/AGB tracks are provided for stars that undergo the He flash.

Color-Teff Transformations

This page lists each of the photometric systems the isochrones have been transformed to. The names in each list refer to the suffix found on the corresponding isochrone file.

ACS Galactic Globular Cluster Survey

Isochrones intended for use with the ACS GGC Survey (see Related Links) are available in both synthetic and empirical colors. Both sets include groundbased B, V, and I magnitudes as well F606W and F814W for both ACS-WFC and WFPC2 systems. All HST magnitudes are on the VegaMAG system.

Synthetic Colors

PHOENIX synthetic fluxes (see Related Links for the PHOENIX website) are used below 10,000 K. Castelli & Kurucz synthetic fluxes are used above 10,000 K.

The following are the sources for the filter transmission curves. The table at the bottom of the page lists the filters included in each system.

Semi-Empirical Colors

Semi-empirically colors and bolometric corrections from the following sources are also used:
Photometric System Filters (and Combinations)
BV(RI)c B V Rc Ic
Stromgren u v b y c1 m1
SDSS u g r i z
Bessell + 2MASS U B V Rc Ic J H Ks
HST ACS-WFC F435W F475W F555W F606W F625W F775W F814W F850L
HST WFPC2 F336W F439W F450W F555W F606W F791W F814W F850L
ACS GGC Survey B V Ic F606W F814W F606W F814W
Spitzer IRAC [3.6] [4.5] [5.8] [8.0]

NOTE: WFC3 has too many filters to fit into the table above. Click here for a legend that links column number to filter.

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