Isochrone and LF Generator


This page allows one to interpolate isochrones for any [Fe/H] within the bounds of the computed grid (via a web interface to iso_interp_feh) and generate luminosity functions (LFs) from those isochrones (via a web interface to isolf). For more on these programs see the Programs page. Available only for the 1 - 15 Gyr isochrone sets.

Interpolation Options

Interpolation: Cubic is the default. Linear is available.

Output Options

Output: Choose the desired type of output.

Age Options

Enter a list of ages in Gyr separated by spaces, e.g. "10.1 10.2 10.3 10.4".
Available range is 1 - 15 Gyr. Leave empty for the default set of ages.
Maximum of 50 ages.

Isochrone Options

[Fe/H]= Available range is -2.5 < [Fe/H] < +0.5
Helium: Helium mass fraction. Y=0.33 and 0.40 only available for [Fe/H] ≤ 0.
[α/Fe]= Options for [α/Fe]. Only [α/Fe]=0 or +0.4 for Y=0.33 and 0.40.
Colors: Choice of photometric system.

Luminosity Function Options

Filter No.: Filter in which to build LFs. Consult the table below.
Bin Size= Bin size in mag.
IMF Type: Type of initial mass function (IMF).
PL: Slope= Power Law IMF: dN/dM ∝ MX. For Salpeter x=-2.35.
LN: μ= Log Normal IMF: μ in solar units
LN: σ= Log Normal IMF: σ in Solar units

Filter Set 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Gaia DR2 Revised G BP RP

UB(RI)c + 2MASS + Kepler U B V R I J H Ks Kp D51

Washington + DDO + Stromgren C M T1 T2 DDO51(vac) DDO51(f31) u v b y

HST/WFPC2 F218W F255W F300W F336W F439W F450W F555W F606W F622W F675W F791W F814W F850LP

HST/ACS-WFC F435W F475W F502N F550M F555W F606W F625W F658N F660N F775W F814W F850LP

HST/ACS-HRC F220W F250W F330W F344N F435W F475W F502N F550M F555W F606W F625W F658N F660N F775W F814W F850LP F892N
Spitzer IRAC [3.6] [4.5] [5.8] [8.0]


WISE W1 W2 W3 W4

CFHT MegaCam u g r i (new) i (old) z

SDSS u g r i z

PanSTARRS open g r i z y w

SkyMapper u v g r i z

DECam u g r i z Y

Empirical BV(RI)c+uvby B V Rc Ic u v b y c1 m1

NOTE: HST WFC3 filters are too numerous to fit in the table. Click here for a complete list of options.

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