Isochrones and HB/AGB tracks can be manipulated using these Fortran programs.

The programs have been tested on Mac OS X and Linux using GNU compilers.

Isochrone [Fe/H]-Interpolation --- Try the Web Tools version!

iso_interp_feh.f allows interpolation in [Fe/H] at fixed [α/Fe], Y, and age. This version is compatible with the updated 2012 isochrones. An older version, compatible with the original isochrones, is available upon request.

Luminosity Functions --- Try the Web Tools version!

isolf.f transforms isochrones into Luminosity Functions (LFs; either lognormal or power law IMF) using any filter from any photometric system for which isochrones are available. Compatible with 2012 isochrones; older version available upon request.

Isochrone or Luminosity Function File Separation

isolf_split.f separates one large file (either isochrones or luminosity functions) containing multiple ages into a number of individual files, one for each age.

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